Customizing Your Harley Pipes Without Compromising Performance

Customizing Your Harley Pipes Without Compromising Performance

7 November 2014
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The feeling you get when riding a Harley through traffic is like no other in the world. One reason for this feeling is how everyone turns their heads to look, the sound of a Harley being extraordinary and resounding. However, while the sound of a Harley is unique, riders should know that some customizations, particularly those with chrome exhaust pipes, can cause your bike to be sluggish.

Nothing Sounds Like A Harley With Straight Pipes

If you enjoy touring more than faster riding on long straight roads, you might consider the cool chrome enhancement of straight pipes. Straight chrome pipes do lower horsepower, but the sound they make when coupled with a Harley engine is like nothing else on the planet. Softail Harleys look great with chrome straight pipes because of their low design and larger tires.

True dual pipes are another great choice for Softails and look good on Fatboys as well. The pipes you choose for customizing your bike are determined by the level of performance you want to retain. Consider how you most enjoy your bike when making choices about custom chrome exhaust pipes.

Staying In The Wind With Slip-Fit Mufflers

The trademark loping sound that Harley stock pipes produce is one of a kind. For the rider considering chrome customization, changing this sound with chrome pipes is out of the question. However, some pipes can actually improve the stock sound while not affecting torque or horsepower and improving performance as well. If you are interested in the kind of customization that can increase your riding enjoyment out on the open road, choosing slip-fit mufflers may be a good idea for helping you do so.

Do Not Be Fooled By Pipes With Large Diameter

Before you decide to put large diameter pipes on your Harley because they look cool, you should know that just because they are larger does not mean they are better. In fact, large diameter pipes can cause performance problems with air flow. The best way to use large diameter pipes is after some modifications like the addition of flat washer in the end of the pipe. However, this modification will require welding and drilling a hole in the pipe for placing a nut. The washer is welded to the nut and when in place, helps to slow down the rate of velocity.

If you would like to customize your Harley without compromising its performance or sound, discussing your options with a professional Harley mechanic like one from Naples Harley-Davidson is the best for doing so. The money you spend on your Harley is an excellent investment. Making the most of your investment is important enough to only trust your bike in the hands of someone experienced.