Common Auto Body Repair Questions Addressed

Common Auto Body Repair Questions Addressed

6 February 2015
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Even a minor auto accident can result in substantial damage to your car's exterior. Unfortunately, getting a car repaired can be a stressful experience because you may not fully understand what to expect from this type of repair work. Not surprisingly, learning the answers to the following couple of questions may help you be better prepared for what to expect from this process. 

How Is The New Paint Matched To The Car?

Some people may be hesitant about having minor body damage repaired because they assume the shop will not be able to perfectly match the new paint to their car. Unfortunately, delaying having this repair work done can cause further damage to your car because when the metal is exposed to the elements without a seal coat, it can quickly cause corrosion to develop. 

Luckily, most repair shops use elaborate devices to mix pigments to exactly match the existing paint on your car. To use these systems, the technician will remove a small flake of paint from the damaged area, and it is placed in a machine for analysis. This device will shine light at the paint using different wavelengths, and this will help it identify the exact color composition of the paint. When this process is complete, the technician is provided with a formula for reproducing the paint. 

Do You Have To Take Your Car To The Insurance's Recommended Repair Shop?

After an accident, one of the first things you will probably do is contact your insurance company. Most policies cover body damage, and this can significantly reduce the financial pain of having the damage repaired. However, many people assume that they have to take the car to the insurance's recommended repair shop.

This is far from the truth, and you are legally allowed to choose the professional to repair your car. While the insurance company may threaten to not cover the repair with a warranty, most auto body shops provide extensive warranties on their work, and this can help ensure that you can have your car repaired where you want it without forgoing the protections of a warranty. 

Body damage to your car will likely worsen until it is repaired. Sadly, some people have limited experience with getting auto body damages repaired. By understanding that it is possible for these professionals to perfectly match your car's paint and that you can legally choose whichever repair provider you want, you will be in a stronger position to make sure these repairs go as smoothly as possible. (For more information, contact Widrick Auto Sales)