3 Great Bug Out Vehicle Choices

3 Great Bug Out Vehicle Choices

2 July 2015
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A bug out vehicle is quite possibly the most important aspect of a prepper's disaster plan, mostly because without one you will be unable to get yourself and your family to safety in the event of a disaster. However, for a bug out vehicle to be truly effective, you will need to purchase the right kind of vehicle. A hatchback, SUV, and motorcycle are just a few of the great bug out vehicle choices available.


A bug out vehicle needs a few features to be really effective, such as cargo space and fuel economy. The great thing about a hatchback is that it does have more cargo space than your average car, but it will often have substantially higher fuel economy than those vehicles with more cargo space, such as a truck or SUV.

This is a fantastic feature because it will save you money on fuel until a disaster occurs, while also ensuring that you don't burn through your fuel supplies quickly in a disaster situation. It is important that you have good fuel economy during a disaster scenario as it might be quite some time before you are able to get more fuel to replenish your stockpile.


Another great vehicle to consider is an SUV. An SUV makes for an ideal bug out vehicle because of the very large amount of cargo space that it can provide. Not only can you use the space in an SUV to transport a lot of supplies to your bug out location, but it will often also be able to provide seating for more passengers than just about any other vehicle. This makes it a great choice if you have a large family that you will want to evacuate if a disaster strikes.

An SUV is also a great choice because most of its cargo space is going to be located inside the vehicle. This allows you to keep perishable supplies, such as food and medicine, in a safe place where they will not spoil.


Finally, a motorcycle is a great bug out vehicle choice because of its outstanding fuel economy and maneuverability. It is not uncommon to find motorcycles that have fuel economy that is almost double that of small cars. 

You will also want to consider a motorcycle as your bug out vehicle because there are many models that are quite nimble. This means that you can maneuver through obstacles on the road when you are evacuating during a disaster that would force other vehicles to go around or find another route.

Speak to your local car dealer in order to discover which bug out vehicles will fit both your needs and your budget. A motorcycle and hatchback are great choices due to their size and fuel economy, while an SUV is a fantastic choice if you need a lot of large cabin for your family and supplies.