Add Flair To A Used Pickup Truck To Conceal Imperfections

Add Flair To A Used Pickup Truck To Conceal Imperfections

25 August 2015
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After you purchase an older used truck that has some minor imperfections on its body, add some flair to it so that it stands out and shows others who is the boss on the road. The following tips will help you personalize your truck with some features that will give your truck a fresh and bold appearance, while masking problematic areas

Custom Vinyl Decals

Custom vinyl decals can be designed to showcase your personality and are simple to apply. They are perfect to use if your truck has some minor body damage and you are not able to afford repairs right away. Order decals from a professional company that will customize the decals according to your preferences. Choose bold stripes or a unique pattern that is pleasing to your eyes. Once you receive your order, wash your truck's body with soapy water to remove surface dirt. Rinse it off well with a water hose.

After the truck's exterior is dry, peel off the backing from each decal and press them down firmly onto the areas that you wish to cover. Use a plastic putty knife or squeegee to remove wrinkles in each decal. To do this, move the tool firmly over each decal. Vinyl decals are weather resistant and will not fade. If you ever decide to remove them in the future, moisten them with water and peel them off.

Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover is a flexible piece of material that can be secured to the bed of your truck and will protect items that you place inside of it. It is also the perfect item to use if your truck bed has rusted areas inside of it and you wish to cover them. The cover will prevent further damage from occurring and will give your truck a sleek and stylish appearance. Purchase a tonneau cover that complements the color of your vehicle.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions when attaching the cover. Most covers require rails to be installed along the sides of the truck's bed. The cover easily clips onto the rails after they are secured. The best part about buying a tonneau cover is that it can still be used in the future, after you remove the rusted sections in the bed. It will continue to keep your belongings safe and secure as you cruise down the road.

Flashy Rims

Dull, plain rims can diminish a vehicle's appearance, especially when it is older or has body damage that sticks out like a sore thumb. Avert people's attention by adding a set of flashy rims to your new ride's wheels. Rims come in a variety of styles, ranging from simple and plain to complicated with intricate designs. If you do not want to invest a lot of money in a new set of rims, you can purchase a decent set from a scrapyard or automotive parts supplier that offers discounts.

If you opt to purchase a used set, shine them with metal polish and a buffing cloth before adding them to each tire. As you move down the road, the flashy rims will draw attention from people passing by.

All of these tips will help you personalize your truck and improve its appearance for a small investment. After your truck is customized, you can proudly show it off each time you leave your home in it.