4 Reasons To Choose Station Wagons As Business Vehicles

4 Reasons To Choose Station Wagons As Business Vehicles

27 February 2017
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When starting a business that involves your employees going out to consult with people, it is nice to have company vehicles for them to drive. The company vehicles will make your business look more professional. You can also get the vehicles customized with your company name and other important information to market your services. If you want nice vehicles while staying in within a satisfactory budget, you should opt for purchasing station wagons. Take a look at this article to learn more about station wagons so you can decide if they are worth purchasing for your business.

1. The Appeal of an SUV in a Compact Version

The great thing about station wagons is that they have an appealing look. You can basically get vehicles that look like compact SUV's. The wagons are available in various models, so you can opt for a design that is modern and sleek. Your business vehicles will stand out amongst other vehicles, which is great for marketing your services. The reason why they will stand out is because that is commonly seen on the roads.

2. Provides a Large Amount of Space

Although station wagons are so compact, you will still have the advantage of a lot of space. If your employees will be loading the vehicles with products or other items that they will use when consulting, there will be plenty of room. Loading boxes into the vehicles will also be easy because they don't sit high off of the ground like SUV's.

3. Will Be Easy for Your Employees to Handle

One of the perks of station wagons is that they are easy to handle on the roads. Your employees won't have a difficult time maneuvering through traffic, such as making turns or switching lanes. The compact vehicles are also easy to park, which is great if your employees will be visiting a lot of busy stores that have crowded parking lots.

4. Commercial Insurance Coverage Will Be Affordable

When you invest in vehicles for your business, you will have to invest in commercial auto insurance as well. Depending on the number of vehicles that you purchase, commercial auto insurance coverage can accumulate to a lot of money. However, opting for station wagons will give you an advantage financially because insurance coverage is typically lower for station wagons. The specific model of wagons that you choose will also play a role in what you are charged for insurance coverage. Consider checking out Toyota models to see if it would work for your family.