Want A New Car For Christmas? Buying Tips That Save Your Holiday Budget

Want A New Car For Christmas? Buying Tips That Save Your Holiday Budget

13 December 2017
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Every Christmas, car manufacturers and dealerships offer these deals on cars for Christmas. You think, "Yeah, that would be something, but so much has to line up to make that happen." Right, because in order for the car to be bought by a spouse but placed in your name, you would have to be part of the purchasing decision and be present to put the car in your name. There is just no way that a car for Christmas would ever be a surprise. So, why not buy the car for yourself anyway? You have to be careful with your holiday budget, but here are some tips that can help:

Buy the Car a Few Days after Christmas

Dealerships and car manufacturers extend their deals until a few days after Christmas. Sometimes they have even better deals then because they are not trying to make people race out and buy a car while they are shopping for holiday gifts. At the very least, you will spend a few hundred dollars less, while at the very most, you could get several thousand cash back or in rebate form.

Buy This Year's Model Instead of Next Year's Model

Next year's models of the car you want are already at the dealerships. These are the ones they promote in their advertising, but you do not have to buy a brand-new model. Instead, buy this year's model (which was last year's newest model). You save even more money because the dealerships are trying to make room on their lots for next year's models. If the cars have been driven around the lot or taken home by dealers (which does happen), you get even more money off the purchase price.

Lease It Instead of Buying It

There are so many advantages to leasing a car rather than buying it. For one, all of the maintenance is free and completed by the dealership's mechanics. You do not pay a dime for maintenance.

If it turns out that you do not like how the car feels or it does not fit with how you think a car should be, you get to return it at the end of your lease. In short, you do not have to worry about a down payment, nor do you have to worry about ownership and payments on something you do not like and no longer want. Plus, most lease payments are less than the monthly car payment.

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