Pros And Cons Of Travel Trailers Over Motorhomes

Pros And Cons Of Travel Trailers Over Motorhomes

21 February 2020
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Travel trailers hook up to a truck or other vehicle and allow you to take a humble home with you wherever you go. However, motorhomes provide the same thing without having a separate vehicle. Which of these options is best for you? Here are a few pros and cons of travel trailers compared to RVs to help you decide.

Pro: Travel trailers don't have a motor to tend to. 

Since travel trailers do not have a motor integrated into the unit to drive it around, these units can outlast typical motorhomes by a long shot. Motorhomes that are mounted on a vehicle may only last as long as the motor itself. Of course, motors in a motorhome can also be replaced, but if your vehicle stops running and you have a motorhome, you just need to switch vehicles, which you would likely need to do anyway. 

Con: Travel trailers may be harder to get financed. 

By all rights, a travel trailer is like a mobile home for the road. However, getting financing for a travel trailer can be a little harder than getting financing for a motorhome. Of course, if you have good credit, you may not have issues at all.

Pro: Insurance for a travel trailer can be really affordable. 

Travel trailers are not motorized but connected to a vehicle, so they do not require that you carry an extra automobile policy for coverage. You can even opt to not buy insurance for a travel trailer even though it is highly recommended that you do so if anything goes wrong, it will be covered. Of course, you will naturally be required to carry insurance on the vehicle that tows the travel trailer.

Con: You cannot have passengers in a travel trailer while on the road in some states. 

Perhaps one of the bigger downfalls of travel trailers compared to motorhomes is you are not allowed to have passengers hanging out in a travel trailer while it is in motion in some states. However, passengers can technically ride in a motorhome while it is in motion. State laws can be very specific about who can ride in a travel trailer. For example, in Hawaii, passengers who are not over the age of 13 cannot ride in a moving travel trailer. It is best to check out the specific laws in any state you intend to travel to before settling on which type of recreational vehicle would work for you.