5 Features To Look For In Your Next Used Family Car

5 Features To Look For In Your Next Used Family Car

14 July 2021
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When you are hauling around yourself and your kids, you need a vehicle that is made for hauling your family around. You need a vehicle that makes it easy to take care of your kids and get to where you are going safely.

#1: Voice Enhancement

If you have ever traveled in a vehicle with your kids in the back seat, you probably know how yelling becomes necessary in order for your kids to hear you in the back seats over the noise of the vehicle, the road, the entertainment system, and the heating and cooling system.

There are microphones and speakers built into your vehicle with voice enhancement to communicate with your kids in the back seat easily. A microphone near the driver's seat will help amplify your voice in the speakers in the back seat. That way, when you have something you need to tell your kids, you can do so without yelling, and they can't claim that they didn't hear you.

#2: Flexible Seating

Second, you need a vehicle with flexible seating. You need a vehicle where you can fold the seats down or remove the seats when you are transporting things other than your children. If your vehicle has a third row of seats, you should be able to fold them down or easily pull them in and out. Or even better, collapse the seats into the floor space so that you have all the open space you need without pulling heavy seats out of your vehicle.

#3: Built-in Vacuum

Even if you pack up all of your kid's snacks in cute little containers and ask them to stomp their feet to avoid tracking dirt into your vehicle, your vehicle is going to end up getting dirty. That is why having a vehicle with a built-in vacuum can be so nice. With a built-in vacuum, you can take care of messes immediately and keep the inside of your vehicle looking clean and nice.

#4: Hands-Free Liftgate

When you have kids, your hands are always full. That is why having a hands-free liftgate can be such a nice feature. If you have your keys nearby, you just have to swing your foot near the bumper, and your liftgate will open for you, allowing you to sit down whatever it is that you are carrying easily.

#5: Retractable Sunshades

Little kids have a different perspective when looking at the window, and the sun can really get into their eyes when they are driving. With retractable sunshades, you can adjust the sunshade so that the sun isn't in your child's eyes. Some vehicles even have motorized sunshades, so you can control them even when you are on the road.

For your next family vehicle, look for a vehicle with voice enhancement, flexible seating, a built-in vacuum, a hands-free liftgate, and retractable sunshades. These are all features that you should be able to find in used vehicles on the market. Make your vehicle work for you and your kids, and have features that enhance your ability to keep your kids safe. 

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