3 Tips To Keep Your New Car “New” For As Long As Possible

4 July 2015
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If you have made the decision to purchase a brand new car, you are probably pretty excited about showing off your new ride and enjoying it for years. However, even though your new car might look great right now, you will have to take good care of it if you want it to stay that way. Along with talking to your dealer about the break-in period and care of your new car, it's also a good idea to follow these tips for keeping your new car " Read More …

3 Great Bug Out Vehicle Choices

2 July 2015
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A bug out vehicle is quite possibly the most important aspect of a prepper's disaster plan, mostly because without one you will be unable to get yourself and your family to safety in the event of a disaster. However, for a bug out vehicle to be truly effective, you will need to purchase the right kind of vehicle. A hatchback, SUV, and motorcycle are just a few of the great bug out vehicle choices available. Read More …

How To Improve Your Used Car Buying Experience

30 June 2015
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Shopping for a new car with a tight budget can be extremely stressful, as this will provide you with a limited selection of cars to choose from. This can end up hurting your shopping experience, which is why you may want to consider buying a car that is used. Used cars are much cheaper, hold better value, and, because they are cheaper, you will have a bigger selection to choose from, which will make car buying more enjoyable. Read More …

Common Auto Body Repair Questions Addressed

6 February 2015
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Even a minor auto accident can result in substantial damage to your car's exterior. Unfortunately, getting a car repaired can be a stressful experience because you may not fully understand what to expect from this type of repair work. Not surprisingly, learning the answers to the following couple of questions may help you be better prepared for what to expect from this process.  How Is The New Paint Matched To The Car? Read More …

How To Inspect A Used Motorcycle

7 November 2014
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When you are looking into purchasing a used motorcycle for sale, you will want to be sure that you of course test drive it to find potential problems. However, before you get started on the test drive, here are a few things to look for: Condition of the Frame: Before you begin your test drive, be sure that you look into the condition of the frame. You will want to be sure that you inspect for the smallest cracks. Read More …