4 Tips For Test Driving A New Vehicle

30 April 2021
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About to buy a new vehicle from the dealership? It is always a good idea to take it out for a test drive. Here are some tips that will help you properly test drive the vehicle. Go Alone For The Test Drive It's important to always go out alone on a test drive when possible. You want to really experience the car for yourself and not have someone in your ear telling you about all the different features and distract you from the overall experience. Read More …

4 Great Features For A Sports Vehicle

5 February 2021
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If you want to have some fun with your vehicle and take it camping and out on gravel roads, you need a sports vehicle. A sports vehicle is designed for harsher road conditions and is designed to be a more versatile vehicle. Great Feature #1: Four Wheel Drive If you want to get off the pavement and onto the dirt and gravel, you want a vehicle that has the best possible grip and traction. Read More …

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Used Car

21 December 2020
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Buying a used car is often a better financial choice than buying a new car. You'll spend less money, and the car won't depreciate as fast. Of course, you'll want to find a car in excellent condition and that will last a long time. Here are five tips that might help. 1. Check Safety And Crash Test Data You can find websites online that show crash tests and other safety data for cars going back several years. Read More …

Why Buy A Hooklift Truck For Your Lanscaping Business?

28 October 2020
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A hooklift truck can be one of the best investments you can make in your landscaping business, and you can find Midwest hooklift trucks for sale along with other brands at your local auto dealer. What is a hooklift truck? Why a hooklift truck for your landscaping business? What is better, a new or used hooklift truck? Your auto dealer will help you pick the right hooklift truck for your needs, and you can use this guide to help you learn more about why this is a great piece of heavy machinery to add to your landscaping business. Read More …

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing A Used Car

16 July 2020
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When it comes to purchasing a used car, you want to be careful, as you are making a serious investment. A used car is something that you will hopefully use for many years to come. When purchasing a used car, you want to avoid making any classic buyers' mistakes. Mistake #1: Not Securing Financing Before you start shopping for a used car, you should secure financing. You can get pre-approved for financing from a bank, credit union, or other lenders. Read More …